Live music is an integral part of the Noble Hops experience.

Join us every Sunday at 5:30PM and Thursdays at 7PM to enjoy the very best that the local music scene has to offer.

Sunday Lineup for April

Sunday, 4/30/17 | Charlie Glasgow
Sunday, 5/7/17 | Charlie Glasgow
Sunday, 5/14/17 | Corey Spector
Sunday, 5/21/17 | Arco
Sunday, 5/28/17 | Nancy Elliot

Thursday Lineup for April

Thursday, 5/4/17 | Nancy Elliot
Thursday, 5/11/17 | Jay Allan
Thursday, 5/18/17 | Amosphere
Sunday, 5/25/17 | Ones All Band

Noble Hops is part of the JAM Culinary Concepts family…

and a proud and active member of the larger Tucson, Arizona community.