Catering & Group Dining

We are looking forward to hosting your next business luncheon, family gathering, reunion, or other friend-filled get together!
Come celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, and other special occasions with us. Offering a variety of different spaces, noblehops can accommodate nearly any size event. We also feature select menu items, available for your off-premises affair.

Please call one of our helpful noblehops managers at 520-797-4677 —or fill out the form below—for assistance in creating a memorable experience for you and your guests!

Thank You!

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Hosting a party or other event? Please complete these questions to receive a call back from one of our helpful noblehops managers regarding your event. We cater parties in our restaurants or at off-site locations.

This is a catering request form. Please call for reservations.

(We do not accept reservations via e-mail or via our website.)


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